If you haven’t yet had the unfortunate experience of locking yourself out of your house, consider yourself lucky. Whether you want to keep up your winning streak or if you’re one who is frequently forgetting your keys and locking yourself out, an Aurora locksmith can help you. They can provide tips and tricks for making sure this doesn’t happen again. Here are some of the most common habits we encourage people to get into to help them from locking themselves out of the house.

Make a Spare Key

It seems that every day we’re helping someone get into their house and they tell us they don’t keep a spare key. This is one of the very most important ways that you can ensure you never get locked out. Have a spare key made at any home improvement store or at the local Aurora locksmith.

From there, give the spare key to a friend, relative, or neighbor. Remember that anyone who lives in your home should have a spare key as well. But the person who has your spare should live close enough that they can get it to you in a jiffy.

Keep Your Locks Up to Date

Another thing you can do to prevent from getting locked out has nothing to do with misplaced or forgotten keys at all. That is to make sure your locks are in good repair and work well. If you notice that your lock won’t engage unless you do some special trick like jiggling the handle or forcing the key in the lock upward or down, there may be corrosion or rust. Talk to a trusted local locksmith about getting a replacement lock.

Consider Getting Electrical Locks

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure you never lose your keys or lock yourself out of the home is to do away with keys altogether. By getting electrical locks, you won’t have to worry about keys. You will, however, need to remember the key code.

Along the same lines, having an electrical lock on your door can save you from being burglarized. Forgetting to lock the door behind you or leaving a key under the mat or under a rock is a very dangerous practice and makes it very easy for potential burglars to get in.

Work on New Habits

Sometimes the key to making sure you’re always able to get back into your house is just a matter of changing your habits. Make it a habit, for instance, to double check for your keys before you leave the house. Use a carabiner or other type of clip keychain to affix your keys to your work ID tag or your purse or wallet. This may serve as a simple reminder to have your keys until you just remember on your own.

People make mistakes. Accidents happen. Sometimes despite your best efforts you’re going to lock yourself out of your house. It may be inevitable. You’ll need to call an Aurora locksmith right away. Fortunately for you, our dedicated and knowledgeable team at Click2 Locksmith is available around the clock when you need emergency locksmith services.

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