Car security systems are important to the safety or your vehicle. Having a proper security system installed is the first thing you should look for when you consider purchasing a vehicle. Although car security systems are complicated, thieves still manage to figure them out. This is why you need to also take other measures to ensure the safety of your vehicle and your possessions inside it. Here are some ways to deter thieves from attempting to gain access to your vehicle:

 1. Car alarms. Car alarms make a loud noise when a forceful entry is attempted. This deters thieves because it would attract attention to themselves. If a thief sees a car has a car alarm system, it will deter them immediately. However, almost every car has one. Due to this, thieves have managed to find a way around car alarms, so it is important to do more than just the basics to protect your vehicle.

2. Steering Wheel Locks Like car alarms, steering wheel locks can be broken into as well. However, this takes a lot of time, which most thieves do not have. Seeing not only a car alarm but a steering wheel lock will deter most, if not all thieves. Steering wheel locks lock your steering wheel in place so then a thief is unable to drive your vehicle if they manage to get through the car alarm. 

3. Tire Deflators Tire deflators are useful when you are in a particularly dangerous area. You simply attach these deflators on your tires when you leave, so then they will deflate your tires if not removed before driving. Most thieves will be unable to detect a tire deflator due to the other factors they are watching out for. Although they will be able to successfully move your vehicle, they may not do so well. You are not able to drive on deflated tires for long, so your car will not go far. Driving a car with flat tires is extremely dangerous and not worth a potential thief’s time. 

4. Window Decals This is an extremely inexpensive way to deter potential threats to your vehicle. All you must do is simply place a window decal sticker on a window that indicates a security system is installed in your vehicle. A thief would much rather move on to the next car than deal with a security system that could draw too much attention to themselves. If you can not afford to install a security system, all you have to do is get a decal and place it.

5. Personal StickersAdding a personal touch to your vehicle is always fun, and can actually save your car from being stolen. A family, school, travel, or any fun sticker is hard to get off. It is difficult to sell a vehicle with a personal sticker on it. It may have meaning to you, but it definitely has no meaning to a black market car buyer. A sticker can help identify a vehicle once stolen, so it is a big red flag that thieves look out for when stealing.