Having the number to a qualified locksmith is imperative, especially if you have a habit of misplacing your keys often. Here at Click2 Locksmith, we have some ideas to help you hang onto your keys or at least be able to find them lots easier when you’ve got to go and just can’t seem to find them. Here are some of the products we just know you’ll love to have to help you hang onto your keys.

  1. AIKO Finder

The AIKO Finder is a great product that is easy to use. It stands apart from the other gadgets on this list because it’s rechargeable with a micro USB port on the token. You can purchase AIKO Finders in packs of four if you have multiple sets of keys or to use it to find other things, such as your cell phone or wallet.

  1. FindX

FindX is a gadget created by the company RapidX which has a wide suite of similar products, including other lost key finders and Bluetooth trackers. What makes FindX different is that it is part of a well-known brand and the customer service is top notch.

  1. Legacy Plus

One advantage of the Legacy Plus is that it has a range of 50 meters, or about 164 feet. When compared to similar products, this is incredible. Compared to similar products, such as the Tile Sport, the Legacy Plus is very affordable as well and has a louder beeping alarm. This is useful when you are in loud environments or when the device is covered by something else.

  1. Pixie

The Pixie is a fun to use product with lots of unique features. When you pull up the app and are nearby your keys’ location, “pixie dust” will appear surrounding the exact location of your keys. An arrow will also point you in the right direction when you’re using the app to find your keys.

  1. Uniclife

When you need a product that provides a warranty to protect against damage or loss, the Uniclife may be a good option. Rather than using a cell phone or smart device to help you find your lost keys, the Uniclife uses a 6-receiver remote to locate them.

  1. Xenzy

You can buy three Xenzy key locators for around $15. Attach one to a lanyard and have one for all your different devices and keys you need to keep track of. It advertises a range of 75 feet, and you will get an automatic signal that you’re leaving things behind outside of this area. In this way, the Xenzy is useful for letting you know you’re about to leave valuables behind if you’re out somewhere and misplace it.

These gadgets can help you find your lost keys when you’re in a pinch, but without them, you can still call a locksmith right away. Give Click2 Locksmith a call when you find yourself in a tricky spot and either need to get back into your house or your vehicle, or if you’ve lost your keys and need to get a replacement set ASAP. We’re available around the clock whenever you need us.

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