Moving homes is a hot-spot for burglar activity because of the ease and convenience it presents. This makes you an easy target for theft, so you should watch out for potential threats during moving day. With dozens of boxes, a landlord shoving you away, unruly children, and movers not knowing where to go, you are being pulled in countless directions. This means the safety of your home and your belongings is not as high on your priority list as usual. If you get lost in the chaos, a thief’s job is much easier to accomplish. Never let yourself get to the point where you have lost a box of some of your important belongings, and take charge with these tips.

Access Points To Your Home

            It is very convenient to have windows and doors open while you move. This makes it much easier to move boxes from inside the house and into the truck. However, with any sort of convenience, it has its faults and threats. If you can access your home easily, so can a potential threat like a thief. Although you do not need to be constantly shut in your home, keep the door open for as little time as you need. Rather than leaving it open all day, close it during constant break. Make sure there is always one person loading the truck, and one person inside the house. Thieves are more likely to be deterred if there are many family members inside the house.

Exposed Items

          If you are leaving your most expensive items out in the open, you might as well have a huge sign that says ‘FREE’ over it. This is a huge mistake because those items are easy targets. Pack your most valuable items in the safest places. Some safe places include on your person, inside a safe, or in your locked motor vehicle. Always conceal your belongings, even if they are in a locked vehicle. It is as simple as sliding the items under the seat in a bag, covering it with a blanket. A heavy safe is the smartest thing to put your items in because it is difficult to grab quickly.

Establishing New Security

          Chances are, you moved into an area with safety in mind. This makes it much easier to have peace of mind when you are moving in. Firstly, the best thing to do is to hire a reputable moving service to help you bring your belongings inside. This ensures you do not have to worry about potential threats within an unsafe company. Second, setting up an alarm system immediately should be one of your top priorities. This ensures you are able to leave your home comfortably. Making relationships with your neighbors is important because you are able to have a quick idea of who you are around. If you feel like someone is a potential threat, you know to up your security and to constantly make sure it is up to date.