Preventing an office lockout should be very important to you and your business. Being locked out from your office will halt the workflow, annoy your employees, and potentially make you lose clients. This is why preventing an office lockout in the first place is the best possible path to take for the safety of your company. Nobody wants to get up early, grab their coffee, and head to work only to be greeted by a locked door. You not only have to now deal with a 24/7 locksmith, but you will not be able to work. This slows down the process, and every second counts in a business. Although you may be able to laugh off your first lockout, it is important to prevent instead of having a threat. Here are some tips to prevent you getting locked out of your office:

Always Carry a Spare

          Carrying a spare key that allows you into your office is the best and easiest solution you can have to prevent an office lockout. You keep the key on your keychain, but you could potentially lose it. Keeping it in your pockets is unreliable, because you will only use it once in a blue moon. However, there are some smart places you should keep your spare office key. One place is your car glove box, which gives you the option to dig through your glove box rather than call a locksmith.

Periodic Maintenance

          Periodically having maintenance on your lock will give you certainty your mechanism will not fail one morning. Having multiple people coming in and out of the office with spare keys will definitely make the lock wear quickly over time. Duplicate keys damage your locks more than the original, but not everyone is able to have an original. This is why cleaning your locks will not only make the entrance to your office look better, but will help keep them working for much, much longer. Calling a local locksmith to look over your locks for you every so often is important to make sure the inner workings of the lock is working smoothly. A locksmith will be able to detect any faults and correct them before they turn disastrous

Relying on Co-workers

            Relying on co-workers is not always the best idea because nobody wants to stay in the office after hours or come back once they are home. However, there may always be someone close enough to help. Maybe your co-worker is out at the grocery store down the road and can open the door for you. You can also let the rest of your company know you are locked out, which may give people some more time to sleep more before the locksmith finishes his job. Humans are unpredictable, so always make this your last resort.

Be Accountable

          Remember- you are accountable for this. As a business owner, you should always be responsible and prevent lockouts from occuring in the first place. Accidents do happen, and that is okay, but always make sure to follow these steps to ensure you and your business can continue on- even in the most stressful situations.