Locksmith scams are becoming more popular as thieves get more advanced. This is why is it so important to ensure you are hiring a safe company. An accredited company is a legitimate company that will provide its services. If a company is not accredited, there is a possibility that its employees are actually thieves looking to take advantage of your dire situation. A quick search online will help you decide whether or not a company is a trustworthy one. Always make sure you are paying money to a company that will complete its service the right way. Here are some tips on how to avoid locksmith scams.

 Make sure it is a local company

For example, an untrustworthy company can claim they live in the Denver area but actually live out of state. Always check its website and reviews to make sure it is truly in your area. The best thing to do is to check the reviews online because it will give you a general idea on not only their location, but their work. If you want a quick solution, call the company and ask for their official business name. Quickly research that company name to see if it is actually legitimate or not. Pay close attention to the business’s phone number. Look up the local area codes and if the area code is different, find another company.

  • Ask for a cost estimate

Calling the locksmith and asking for an estimate is important in deciding if a locksmith is a scam or not. A locksmith scam will give you a super low price, making you think you have a great deal. However, when they arrive at your home or business, the price skyrockets due to ‘unexpected issues’. This is a major red flag when it comes to locksmith scams because the thieves know you are inexperienced in the field, so it is much easier to scam you.

  • Never let them drill your lock

Drilling into a lock that you are unable to open is most likely not the right solution. Locksmiths carry tools that are required to open almost any lock. High-security locks are the only locks that may require to be drilled in. It is very rare for someone not to know they have a high-security lock, so looking out for these scams is important. Locksmiths are highly trained individuals that are responsible for being able to handle any lock emergency or situation. This is why using a drill is something to look out for, because it should only be used as a last resort.

  • Ask your friends and neighbors

It is most likely you know someone who has had to call a locksmith for its services before. Ask around to see what locksmith someone has used, and ask about the company and its services. If your friend or neighbor speaks highly of the company, you have researched it enough to find out it is local, and you have a general idea of the cost, you are ready to call a local locksmith!